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Expert Insurance Claim Guidance for Storm Restoration

  • Mastery in Insurance Documentation: We specialize in crafting detailed reports tailored to meet the exacting standards of insurance companies, facilitating a smoother claim experience.
  • Unwavering Support: From the initial inspection to the final touch of restoration, our team stands by you, offering guidance through every phase of your insurance claim.
  • Complete Restoration Solutions: Beyond thorough inspections, we are committed to executing restorations that not only meet but exceed quality expectations, ensuring all repairs fall within your insurance policy’s coverage.
  • Available 24/7 for emergency services. Get in touch directly to address urgent damage from hail, storm, water, or fire.


To protect your home, we provide roof installation and roof replacement to safeguard your home.


We offer expert siding installation and replacement to enhance your home’s appearance and durability.


We provide $150 gutter cleanings and new seamless gutters to protect your home from water damage.

Windows & Doors

We provide expert window and door replacement for enhanced energy efficiency and aesthetic appeal.

Expert Insurance Claim Guidance for Storm Restoration

Insurance Claim Support

At Absolute Restorations, we excel in managing insurance claims for storm damage. Our precise damage assessments are meticulously documented to ensure you have the robust evidence required to streamline your insurance claim, aiding in a swift and favorable resolution.

Specialized Hail Damage Inspections

Our focus extends to specialized inspections targeting hail damage, pivotal for substantiating insurance claims. The depth of detail captured in these inspections is crucial for illustrating the extent of damage to insurance providers, thereby justifying the need for repair coverage.

Simplifying the Insurance Claim Journey

Our expertise is not just in restoration but in making the insurance claim process as straightforward as possible. By presenting a detailed and transparent report of damages, we set a solid foundation for your claim, demystifying the costs and necessary repairs. This approach not only expedites the insurance process but also maximizes the likelihood of receiving adequate funds for a full restoration.

Absolute Restoration - THE MORNING BLEND in Wisconsin

Joe Fletcher, claims management and Josh Lesley, owner of Absolute Restorations are here today to tell us all about how you can prevent and restore your home from storm damages. They do property inspections for hail damage, wind damage and water damage. Absolute Restorations will assess your damage and document all storm related damage, prove damage to your insurance provider and restore your property to pre-storm conditions! Contact us for an inspection or call 414-739-4251 for more information!

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Tarping & Board-ups

Premier Restoration Experts

Absolute Restorations stands as Wisconsin’s authority in assessing, repairing, and guiding homeowners through the insurance claim process for storm-related exterior damage. 

Specializing in roofing, siding, gutters, and window replacements, our mission is to restore your home efficiently while ensuring you navigate the insurance claims process confidently and successfully.

Our team, proficient in identifying damage caused by Wisconsin’s severe weather conditions like high winds, ice, and hail, conducts exhaustive inspections to detect specific damage types. Utilizing industry-standard methodologies, we produce a comprehensive damage report, a vital tool in arming you with the necessary information to pursue insurance claims effectively.

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