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Wind Damage

Wind Damage Restoration: Trust the Experts

Welcome to Absolute Restorations, your reliable ally in repairing wind damage to your home. As one of the leading storm damage restoration companies in Milwaukee, we specialize in assessing, documenting, and restoring properties affected by strong winds.

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Seen on The Morning Blend TV Show

You might have caught us on The Morning Blend TV show, where Joe Fletcher, our claims management expert, and Josh Lesley, the owner of Absolute Restorations, emphasized the importance of preventing and repairing stormand wind damages. Our team is dedicated to delivering top-notch services to homeowners like you.

Prevent and Repair Your Home from Wind Damages

Strong winds can cause extensive damage to your home, including your roof, siding, windows, and more. At Absolute Restorations, we offer comprehensive property inspections for wind damage, alongside assessments for hail and water damage. Our experts will thoroughly evaluate the extent of the damage and provide you with a detailed report.

Storm & Wind Damage Roof Restoration

Proven Restoration Process

  1. Assessment: Our team conducts a meticulous inspection of your property to identify any wind damage and document all storm-related issues.
  2. Insurance Claims Assistance: We’ll collaborate with your insurance provider to ensure that all damages are accurately documented, and you receive fair compensation for the restoration work.
  3. Restoration: Once your insurance claim is approved, we’ll restore your property to its pre-storm condition, using premium materials and expert craftsmanship.

Specialized Assistance With Insurance

  1. Get Help Filing a Claim: Facing wind damage? Let us liaise with your adjuster to ensure a smooth and beneficial claims process.
  2. Insurance Claim Reviews: If your claim has been denied, our Absolute Restorations experts can review and appeal it for a better outcome.

Get Renovations Started!

Don’t wait until it’s too late to address wind damage. Schedule your inspection today using the form on our website or by clicking the Calendly link for immediate assistance. Our team is committed to guiding you through every step of the restoration process, ensuring your home is restored to its former glory.

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